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“The world’s beauty is in soap bubbles, little specks of dust, galaxy shards, tiny things swept under the rugs that we stomp on day after day because we’re too busy to notice small treasures...The busy ghost presses his hands into my back and pushes me one way or the other to do this or that. I want to stop to see, to think, to breathe. I want to put my ear to the soil and listen for the ants. I want to daydream, fly a kite, run my hands through thick, green grass...” (Ophelia Blooming)

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Anything celebratory/motivational. As always, my only criteria are no GL3E (I have to do that, because I’ll end up Tumblr Savioring my own post), and no How I Met Your Mother. Everything else is cool. The nerdy/obscure are always welcome.

roller skates to ‘Funkytown’ - Malcolm In The Middle 1x13 [x] (via)



DOCTOR WHO 2005-2011 (SEASONS 1-6)

6 years in 1620 frames

I’m sorry, how does this not have all of the notes? 

GAH! Halfway through!

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